Modern Exhibit for a Timeless Designer
Decade by decade, follow the rise of Oscar’s de la Renta’s career and learn how he became one of the most influential designers of the century. This responsive site features archival images and interviews with the exhibition curator, memories from fashion editor Andre Leon Talley and of course, Oscar de la Renta’s timeless designs. Designed at Double Space, we aimed to create a web experience that captured de la Renta’s optimistic spirit, the beauty of his work and legacy he left behind.

Art Direction, UX/UI, Graphic Design, QA Testing

Double Space

Working with the de Young museum, I worked on the site’s architecture, UX, interface and performed QA testing on the final product. The most exciting part of the project was the art direction. We had access to the images from an incredible photo archive of Oscar de la Renta’s work and life.

Development Guidelines

Mobile Navigation & Lightbox Desktop Navigation & Decade Pattern